Work is only work when it's not done. Once it is, it's reward.

Space-Based Solar Energy

January 2016

Producer/Director/Host, Documentary Film

I’m one of those fortunate Cambodians with a scholarship to pursue a doctoral degree at a US-based university. Part of this graduate assistantship scholarship, I was assigned to work with my inspiring academic advisor, Professor Don Flournoy. He has built a large and amazing body of work, from teaching, research, media practicing, and theatrical performance to advancing the space frontiers.

His biggest professional endeavor is related to Space-Based Solar Energy. It’s so cool. I’m glad I had an opportunity to document his work and life in this video piece I produced for a production class. My project partner and I spent three months planning, shooting, interviewing, and editing this 12-minute documentary.

Space Energy

Khmer Scholar

May 16, 2015

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

The website was officially launched on May 16, 2015 as the final professional project for my Master’s degree at Ohio University. It was designed to be the first citizen journalism website in Cambodia, the one-stop shop for everything Cambodia, and the collection of great minds to enlighten Cambodia. Khmer Scholar has been expanding gradually and won the 2016 Student Innovation of the Year Award at Ohio University.

Khmer Scholar is also home to my official blog where I publish my research papers, commentaries, personal stories and more.

Think Multiply

May 2015

Executive Producer

Think Multiply is a YouTube channel intended to accommodate my passion for media, technology and culture. Videos produced and featured on the channel discuss big ideas at the intersection of the three pillars. Pursuing my PhD in Mass Communication, I see Think Multiply as an important testing ground where I observe, analyze and explain major concepts and developments in industries affected by media, technology and culture.

Think Multiply’s official website is being developed at the moment.

Covering USNS Mercy Ship

August 2012


The U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh put then seven of us, Cambodian bloggers, on a helicopter to visit the U.S. Mercy Ship and the crews whose mission was to help Cambodian people living in Kampong Som and Koh Kong (two South-Western provinces of the kingdom). Our articles about this one-day trip can be found here, here and here. We took photos, asked the crew members questions, and interviewed the Cambodian beneficiaries of the Mercy Ship project.

This arrangement by the embassy was quite unprecedented. Seven Cambodian bloggers were invited to tour USNS Mercy, a hospital ship from San Diego, California. This kind of visit had long been organized for mainstream journalists, but at this point bloggers had the honor!

Supporting U.S. disaster relief and humanitarian operations worldwide, the USNS Mercy hospital ship, along with its crew of U.S. Navy and Army personnel from Australia, Canada, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Peru, and the Philippines, and a host of NGO’s from throughout the land, come to Cambodia to help poor Cambodians who do not have access to proper medical care in remote provinces.

Cambodian Bloggers
Walk to the Chopper
Space US Navy

Charity Fundraising

2009 – 2011

Designer, “I Love IFL” T-shirts

In college, I did a double major in Education (TEFL) and International Studies at Royal University of Phnom Penh’s Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL). The school hosts a fundraising event every year in the month of December. Between 2009 and 2011, I designed three different versions of T-shirts with an artwork concept “I Love IFL” for the three different years. In those years, my team and I made over $3,000 in total and the money was given to the school to organize charity trips to orphanages in Cambodia’s remote provinces.

I love IFL T-shirts