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Hi, my name is Chetra Chap, and this is my portfolio website. It is the most personal online platform where I make available stories in my life, cool projects I work on, my complete resumé and a design freelance service.

Trust me I am a Cambodian


I’m currently pursuing PhD in Mass Communication at Ohio University (OU), United States. I received MA in International Affairs at OU, BEd in TEFL, and BA (with honors) in International Studies at Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Cambodia. I teach New Media and Communication Technologies at OU, and English Literature, Global Studies, International Relations and Professional Communication at RUPP. My interests include artificial intelligence media, multimedia journalism and strategic digital marketing. With experiences starting businesses and working at NGOs, research think tanks, and for-profit companies, I have given trainings to youth and working professionals. I have also given a number of interviews to local media on youth affairs and digital technologies.

Hobby-wise, I am a self-taught graphic designer and web developer with an obsession on minimalism, so I love designing and creating modern and elegant stuffs: websites, graphics, videos, 3D models of houses and product mockups, and basically everything I will need to use. There is absolute serendipity in the process of unapologetically designing and creating customized belongings.

I like to think of myself as a minimalist intersecting media, technology and culture—although I don’t quite fully understand what I really mean by that. Trust me, I’ve been thinking long and hard, reflecting on who I really am. Still working on it!


My aunt once told me I was a pretty busy 5-year-old. My toy was an axe. Everyday I would hang out by myself at the back of the house with some nails and fire woods.

This probably explains why I am so passionate about design and creating things.

My father used local newspapers to teach me how to read. I was able to read newspapers before I was a 1st grader.

This probably explained why I began blogging and finding media industry fascinating. I’m now teaching New Media and Communication Technologies at Ohio University.

When I was young, my family was poor. We lived on the second floor of a flat. The people living below us bought their first computer, and once brought me to see it. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Later I found a broken keyboard somewhere in a trash can, and brought it home. I typed on it, pretending I was having a real computer in front of me.

This probably explains why I have always been so into science and technology.

At age 3, my grandma looked after me. She was carrying me one day when I shouted at an UNTAC officer, “Hello, UNTAC!” UNTAC was the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia in 1993.

This probably explains why I took English and International Studies majors in college and became a lecturer of English, International Relations and Global Studies at Royal University of Phnom Penh.